About-Precision-RBS, the latest innovation from Si (also known as Super Impulse).

In a world where everything is a potential target and rubber bands can be used as ammo, you can become the ultimate rubber bandit with Precision RBS. Whether you’re a kid or an “adult,” Precision RBS is designed for the sharpshooter in you.

Precision-RBS from Si (also known as Super Impulse) is the next evolution Rubber Band System with more ammo, power and on-target accuracy. Invented by Benjamin Stack, the Precision RBS is a culminating lifelong pursuit of creating a toy that’s more accurate and fun than any other blaster on the market. They are like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Ben pursued a degree in Industrial Design at Philadelphia University to properly develop the ultimate rubber band launching system. As a result, he won the University’s prestigious senior design competition with his various hand-made laser cut prototypes. Alan Dorfman, a toy industry veteran and university alumnus, met Stack while conducting an entrepreneurial workshop at the university. Ben continues to develop and expand the products at Si.


About Super Impulse:

Launched at New York International Toy Fair in 2014, Si is committed to innovative toys, novelties and accessories for kids and the fun-at-heart. Si is comprised of toy industry experts from around the globe, with headquarters in Bristol, PA USA and Hong Kong. Si offers unique, original designs as well as products featuring classic and popular licenses including toys that adults enjoyed as kids to toys that kids will remember as adults!

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