Magic Box: Precision RBS Eos and Proteus

The litlgeeks got a package full of fun from their friends at Super Impulse Toys.  Today, we get to the last of that package, and we saved the best for it!  Precision RBS Eos and Proteus!  Before you check out the video, make sure you go visit our friends at Precision RBS!

The litlgeeks loved Precision RBS the first time they got their hands on the Chiron.  They love these awesome new Precision RBS guns too!  the Eos is the tiniest available and the Proteus is a little bigger, both pack a wallop of Rubber Band shooting fun!

The Good

  • Super accurate
  • Compact
  • Quick loading
  • Ammo storage on the gun!
  • They come with a ton of rubber bands


Both guns are from what we can tell, brand new, and not even available yet!  But don’t fret, for as awesome as they are, I’m sure they will be on store shelves soon!

The Rest

Remember folks, these are for kids ages 8 and up.  In theory, the litlgeeks totally shouldn’t be playing with these, but they were under close supervision, wearing safety gear.  I can tell you, several parents were harmed in the making of this video!

The Pictures

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