Pinpoint accuracy from up to 35 feet away. Never miss with the Proteus, the new mid-level Precision RBS launcher that brings the range and accuracy of the larger models in a smaller body. The Proteus can fire two rubber band sizes and hold up to six bands of each, but you’ll only ever need one to hit your target.


  • RAPID ACTION TRIGGER – launches one band each time as quickly as you pull the trigger
  • THE QUICK LOADER – designed for rapid, on-the-move reloading
  • TWO RUBBER BAND SIZES – holds six rainbow loom rubber bands #8 and eight small size rubber bands #16.
  • AMMO STORAGE – cleat on bottom holds extra ammo (#16 sized rubber bands)

The RBS rubber bands included, and available in refill packs, are formulated for maximum performance. These are standard size rubber bands, designated by different size #’s. Ordinary rubber bands of the same # can also be used.

Please note that each blaster comes with a Quick Load Guide for how to load the features or make sure to check out Proteus user manual for maximum loading, aiming and launching performance! It’s important to load the bands correctly! If you fail to, you’ll be defeated by your opponent that does it right.

Ages 8+

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