Did You Know?

There is a scientific reason as to why rubber bands are more accurate than foam darts.

Follow these tips and tricks to get consistent accuracy and range out of your Precision RBS. You can do it the easy way, or the right way. The right way gets you longer range and more accuracy.

Why Rubber Bands Without a Launcher Miss:
  • Rubber bands are light-weight, have a large surface area and change shape easily.
  • These three characteristics cause the band to collapse along their length and wobble when met with air resistance while it travels toward its target.
  • These factors lead the rubber band to change course and miss where you are aiming.
The Spinning Rubber Band Effect
  • There is a special technique for launching bands with the MOST accuracy that everyone should learn! (See Instructions Tab for Illustrations)
  • When you launch a rubber band off of your finger, sometimes you get lucky and hit what you are aiming for, but most likely, you’ll miss. That is because there are a lot of forces at work on that rubber band, including the rubber band itself.
  • Precision RBS corrects these forces by creating the spinning rubber band effect.
  • When you load and launch Precision RBS, you launch the rubber band like a Frisbee, with a spinning motion.
  • This spinning motion causes the air resistance on each side of the rubber band to balance and generate lift and makes it fly straighter – this is known as the Magnus Effect.
  • This spinning motion also causes the rubber band to pull tighter and form a long, pointed shape to smoothly fly through the air- this is known as the Lariat Effect.
  • The Lariat and Magnus Effects come together to create the spinning rubber band effect.
  • Precision RBS creates the spinning rubber band effect by stretching the rubber band out and making one side tighter than the other around the tri-wheel. We call this asymmetrical tension.
  • Rather than being solid like a baseball, there is a big space in the middle of rubber bands. This causes a spinning rubber band to fly flat like a frisbee, making it much easier to hit your target.
  • Aim the spinning rubber band just a little lower than your target (because the rubber band bounces a little off the launcher), the Lariat Effect and the Magnus will combine to spin the rubber band through the air and hit your target!