The lightweight Talos holds up to 20 rubber bands in two sizes, launches up to 30 feet and includes a built-in extender for even more power when you need it. It’s the perfect gadget for quick and smooth launching.


Lightweight TALOS is perfect for quick, smooth, multi-shot action.

  • BUILT IN EXTENDER – launches up to 30 feet! The built in extender allows for more range of the medium size bands
  • AMMO STORAGE – storage cleats for extra ammo
  • TWO RUBBER BAND SIZES – holds 12 of the small size #16 rubber bands and 8 of the medium size #33 rubber bands

The RBS rubber bands included, and available in refill packs, are formulated for maximum performance. These are standard size rubber bands, designated by different size #’s. Ordinary rubber bands of the same # can also be used.

Please note that each blaster comes with a Quick Load Guide for how to load the features or make sure to check out the Talos user manual for maximum loading, aiming and launching performance! It’s important to load the bands correctly! If you fail to, you’ll be defeated by your opponent that does it right.

Ages 8+

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